How To Connect USB Pen Drive To Your Phone

Phone is the device which is not only used for calling and social media but this is also used for office purposes. It is a kind of miniature computer nowadays. If you got files , pictures , you don’t have to wait to transfer these files to your laptop then to watch it. By the help of USB connector you can connect pen drive to your phone and then use your phone enjoy the photos or saw movies.

Before we told you about the steps which you should follow for connecting USB you will need to have a rooted device.  If you do not have any rooted device you can not use any USB pen drive.

Connect USB Pen Drive To Your Phone

How To Connect USB Pen Drive To Your Phone

You will also need different type of application before connecting to USB drive.  We suggest you two applications –

  • Stock mount.
  • Es file Explorer-
  • Nexus photo viewer and nexus media importer

Connect your otg cable to your phone then connect USB pen drive.  Then launch the stick mount application. After them tap OK to mount the drive. If you select automatically launching option stick amount application will launch automatically every time you connect pen drive.

Nexus photo viewer is a simpler version of nexus media importer.  Nexus photo viewer is free where as nexus media importer is for $4.

These both connect to the media on your OTG cable connected to USB flash drive.

Nexus media importer or nexus photo viewer,  you can view your stored content and use the features like slide show etc.

For disconnecting from nexus photo viewer you can go to menu bar and choose the option disconnect then simply unplug.

Es file Explorer you can explore files,  video files,  pdf documents etc. By using this you can also read and write to your connected USB flash drive.  And best part about this application is,  it does not require root device. And if you want to close out of Es file Explorer then unplug it.

But what would you do if you have little older version Android device. Then you will need a USB OTG cable with a male micro USB connector on one end and a female fully sized USB port on the other.

Many users also use USB type c for charging and data.  If you are one of them the task is very easy.  You will need one of the items-

  • A USB type – c male to USB type-a female adapter.
  • A USB type – c flash drive

USB type C flash drive will fit directly to your phone without any dongles.  You just have to open your file manager and you can use it after that.

Your USB drive should be formatted with the fat32 file system for maximum compatibility. Some device also support ex fat file system.  But not even a single device will support Microsoft NTFS file system.

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Final Words

By all these methods you can connect your phone to pen drive.  If you find any issues getting the flash drive to show up in your file Explorer application,  just try turning your phone off.  After that again download stick mount application.  After this your phone will recognize the USB drive and dialog box will appear.



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