How To View Webpages Offline In Chrome On Android

If you are a person who reads a lot on the mobile browsers, it is not a guess, there is no doubt that you have faced issues regarding network connectivity and more, if not every time, but once at least. There are also times when you are reading an article, and suddenly you remember to complete a pending work, and you want to save the page you are reading so that you do not have to find the page the again or use data again to go to that page. There are apps like pocket and Instapaper which people have been using till now to save pages of browsers to view Webpages offline and use it later.

Recently Google has realized the need of this and added a new function to the Chrome browser on mobile devices to download the particular page which you are reading and save it for later use. So if you are excited and up for the use of this new and exciting feature of Chrome in Android then continue reading to know how to use this function of downloading the web pages of Google on Chrome to use it later.

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How To View Webpages Offline In Chrome On Android

First and the foremost thing to let know before you get down to the main business is that you have to first update your Chrome browser of your Android device to the latest version rolled out by Google itself to use this particular feature. Follow the steps below to know how to download web pages on Chrome browser on Android devices for later use.

Steps To View Webpages Offline On Android

  • Click on the Chrome application on your device and launch the application. Visit the link which you want to download for later use. Once the link opens, long press on the link and wait until you see a download link option which will pop up on the context menu. Then tap on the option. If you have never downloaded files from Chrome in the past, the Chrome will ask you for storage permissions.
  • If you are reading an article on the Chrome browser and suddenly your network goes off you will see an error page or a dinosaur page on the page which you were navigating. Then you will also see an option which says Download Page Later. The Chrome then will send the link in the queue to be downloaded for offline use in the future.
  • This function also works flawlessly to download article suggestions. So that you can save all the article suggestions to read it in future. Chrome assures you to access all the web pages that you have downloaded in your Chrome browser of your Android device at any time in the future. It gives the download web link a special mark which says that it is already downloaded. You can easily tap on the downloaded web links to read it in future when you are at leisure.

Final Words

This is a very easy to use a feature which Chrome brought for us to save web pages to read it in future. Even if we have lost connection with the Internet, we can easily continue to read the article anytime in the future.

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